The ShillitoSisters are Holly and Frances, two siblings who joined forces to form their renowned professional hair and makeup duo in which they have an unspoken talent to create incredibly on point looks to fit any brief presented to them.

Born to a make-up artist mother and a Father in the music industry, creativity comes naturally. A bond that can only come from genetics mean the two have a unique and contagious working atmosphere with an ability to artistically communicate without words.

The pair have a strong musical influence which is reflected in their style and working nature, it is the main current running through their lives making them popular stylists of choice for musicians and artists all over the globe.

Both sisters take bookings as a duo but as single artists also

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Frances Shillito

Professional make-up artist of 8 years with a high attention to detail. An expert in all aspects of make-up from beauty, fashion and photographic, all the way through to prosthetic, airbrush and male grooming. The younger sister of the two.

Holly Shillito

Professional hair technician/stylist of 9 years with a fine tuned ear to exactly what people desire. An influential amount of expertise and experience in all areas of hairdressing and styling on set, behind the scenes and in house.